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Welcome to Carl's World Cup 2010 Prediction Competition.


The rules are simple, just predict the scores of all the group matches.  You get 7 points if you correctly predict the match score or 2 points if you get the result correct - win/draw/lose etc. (irrelevant of the score prediction).

Entry fee is £5.00 with the winnings being distributed as follows: 1st place 60%, 2nd place 30%, 3rd place 10%.

The competition closing date is 10th June 2010 at midnight.  After this time a list of everyone's predictions will be published.

Just follow this link to access the prediction entry form.  Your entry will be activated once Carl receives your £5.00.  Note, the email address will only be used to confirm your predictions.


Entry Form    


The fixture details have been taken from the official FIFA World Cup website.

Keep track of the match scores on the official World Cup website.